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Voyce Alexander

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詳細 2010年8月28日 23:58更新


Bryan Michael Coxのプロデュースでかなりいい曲あります。




About Voyce
THIS IS VOYCE by Flair Lindsey Once in a great while, a quintessential performer emerges from obscurity, embodying diversity, style, passion and pure talent. This iconic artist inevitably exceeds expectations and raises the bar. Voyce Alexander “The Great” is it! As Voyce makes his fairytale ascent to stardom, one can’t help but let out a sigh of relief, for Voyce reinstates the confidence that consumers once had. Because of Voyce, fans are ready to put their faith on the line. What makes this 23 year old man dynamic is his eclectic musical approach, which boasts an array of influences. But namely, its Voyce’s Reggae flavor infused with R&B and Soul that visibly sets him apart from his peers. Voyce’s music is a tell tale indicator of his West Indian heritage. With a mother from Trinidad, father from Jamaica and Canadian upbringing, Voyce’s Caribbean foundation is undeniable. As the beat drops on tracks like “Automatic,” “Done Did It” and “Believe,” Voyce croons in a piercing roots, rock, reggae fashion. Voyce has had quite an impressive year. His rise to fame reads like that out of a move script. After joining the ever-so-popular MySpace, Voyce was discovered in 2007 by Don Bowie, right hand man of uber-producer Bryan-Michael Cox. This one-in- a-million opportunity conveniently landed Voyce in the hands of some of the music industry’s most noted music producers. And shall we say the rest is history. Voyce was swiftly signed to publishing house Warner Chappell Music. One can’t forget to add to the mix another of Voyce’s stand out qualities; the penchant for the pen. Respectably, Voyce doubles as a thriving songwriter, who recently landed his first Billboard hit “Got Me Going” by Bad Boy group Day 26. Now entering its 11th week on the charts, Voyce is eagerly poised for his next hit. In addition to “Got Me Going,” and two other joints on that album, Voyce also penned “dem haters” for pop princess Rihanna. And many other placements. As Voyce Alexander sets out to conquer the world as a performer and songwriter, he is actively capturing the attention of the masses. Most recently, super Reggae music producers Sly and Robbie reached out to Voyce. Impressed by Voyce’s musical fusion, the duo hand picked Voyce to record on some of their latest productions. With Sly and Robbie’s rich production history and Voyce’s quality and appeal, there is no doubt that some chart-topping selections will be cranked out. Voyce is focused and humbly positioned for fame. Believe it! The best is yet to come.


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