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Warhol & Basquiat

Warhol & Basquiat


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■(Andy Warhol, 1928年8月6日 - 1987年2月22日)はアメリカの画家・芸術家でポップアートの旗手。ウォーホールとも表記。本名アンドリュー・ウォーホラ (Andrew Warhola)。

□(Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1960年12月22日 − 1988年8月12日 )はニューヨーク市ブルックリンで生まれたアメリカの画家。スプレーを使ったグラフィティ・アートで有名になった。




★ [Andy Warhol]
■ (Andy Warhol, 1928 age August 6 - February 22, 1987) it is a standard-bearer of pop art work with an American painter / artist. I transcribe it into Warhol. Real name Andrew war conch shell (Andrew Warhola).
■ With technique of silkscreen, I produced the same plates with a showy color in large quantities and made art a sign. I am classic, and I am different from difficult art, and the pattern wins popularity as pop art intelligibly. However, it is capitalism and mass consumption to have, non-human nature of public culture, struggling on to a triteness, emptiness, but there can watch it when expressed. Warhol continues demanding universality, and his work is related with capitalism and the trout media deeply. In addition, an image of death often appears, too. It is an artist of the multimedia that produce or movie production of a rock band dealt with. A wig of silver hair is a trademark.

☆ [Jean Michelle Basquiat]
□ (Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1960 age from December 22 to August 12, 1988) the American painter who was born in New York city Brooklyn. I became famous for graffiti art with spray.
□ I was born between father of mother of an emigrant of Puerto Rico origin and a Haitian emigrant and pictured a picture since I was young, and it was encouraged to by mother so that art was active. I begin spray painting since the age of 17 years old on a subway, a wall of slums district. Basquiat which quitted a senior high school while I continued activity made living while selling a T shirt and a postcard. The spray painting that he drew slowly was evaluated, and Keith came to open a private exhibition in ring, evaluation of help of Barbara in New York.

★ Two people are ☆ 1983 to produce an encounter work jointly. Two relation that I stimulated each other continued to death of Warhol of 1987, but Basquiat fell into drug dependency symptom such as heroin slowly, and a delusion habit became see.
In 1988, it is died at 27 years old by drug dependency.

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