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詳細 2011年8月20日 14:26更新

Born in 1979, Stéphane has always had a passion for electronic music. At the age of 19 he decided to throw himself head first into the art of DJing and soon after was playing at local parties. In the last four years, Stéphane has played DJ sets at various locations all over Belgium and France with his funky, punchy and groovy style using efx and three turntables.

In 2004 he decided to get into production and bought his first home studio set up. In the same year he met the French techno producer Olivier Giacomotto from Lupp Records and the pair swiftly began working in the studio together. In January 2005 Stephane signed his first EP to Blackpitchmusic with an EP called ‘In Memory’, a dedication to his lost brother Sebastien (9/05/1978 – 17/02/2002) and this EP continues to honour that memory.

After a second release on the famous label from Holland “Patterns” , Stephane comes back on famous Dave angel label "Rotation", this release already supported by a lot of famous dj’s like Umek, Ben Long, Redhead, Valentino Kanzyani is considered as an another must have from the Dave Angel house of Rotation.

Always in search of new challenges and after a year of collaboration with Olivier Giacomotto, Stephane decide to work alone in studio and signed begin of 2006 on Pedro delgardo’s Label Yin yang and on the new Michael Burkat’s imprint Bound Less Ltd.

After 2 years, Stephane has already signed on famous label like Rotation, Planet Rhythm Uk, Patterns, Bound, Boundless, Goodfellas, Yin-yang, Yin-yang World Series and Black Pitch Music and maked some remix for well knowed foreign artists.
URLs: http://www.stephanesignore.com
Name Variations: All | Stephane Signore | S. Signore



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