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Right Right RIght

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Right Right Right has been taking over Ebisu`s Bar Jam (www.barjam.jp - Tokyo`s no.1 audiophile bar) first Friday of every month since 2006. Regularly assisted by members of the Tokyo underground, Matt and Dr. Rob run with the tag line “Leftfield sounds from all around”. You won`t hear this music anywhere else in this city.

Matt was brought up on an healthy diet of Bowie, Roxy Music, Santana and Robert Palmer. All of which were lovingly bottle-fed to him by his former pirate radio DJ father. In the early eighties Matt became an obsessive collector of records, cassette tapes and betamax videos and became part of a suburban collective which were into early electro, street sounds and break-dance jams. By the mid-eighties betamax had died as a format and Matt was left standing with only a vinyl-addiction for company on the dance-floor of the Warehouse in Leeds. Weekly pilgrimages across the M62 to pray at the Hacienda and to pay homage at Eastern Bloc records ensued throughout the early 90's. As did regular visits to Back 2 Basics in order to catch DJ Harvey, Andrew Weatherall or Derrick May. Matt has since blatantly plagiarized one of the legendary Back 2 Basic's impresario's mantras in an attempt to give himself perspective in a genre obsessed scene. Dave Beer sublimely gave the world, "funk, junk and what you like," when asked to encapsulate the 'basics sound'. To this day Matt has tried to carry this torch of funk, junk and what you like with him wherever he might stumble.

Always drawn to the eclectic – be it Bambaataa, Mancuso, Alfredo, Baldelli, Weatherall, Harvey – Dr Rob has been DJing and obsessively record buying since surrendering willingly to void/hope provided by the original Balearic/Acid house scene. With a current unhealthy fascination for forgotten tunes and the secret stories that they hold, “keep an open mind” be his credo. Dr. Rob is a doctor.



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