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詳細 2010年5月24日 13:34更新

Wooooo began in 2004 as a fun side project for freelance hack Jason Crombie.
Bored to death of reading interviews that ran like infomercial scripts, Crombie decided to make his own interview mag! It would be completely different! It would contain truly candid conversations with interesting people that were actually insightful! And it would be fun to read too, because it would be littered with sarcasm, profanity, thinly veiled insults, double entendres, bodily functions and awkward silences! so Wooooo 1 burst on the scene! Then Wooooo 2! Then it was shelved for a year… Then Wooooo 3! Then Wooooo 4! 5! Etc!
Previous Interviewees include Oscar Nominee Michelle Williams, Whitney Biennialist Dan Colen, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Iconic Actress Martha Plimpton, Skate board legend and artist Mark Gonzales, Indie film director Patrick Daughters, DFA/LCD Sound System front man James Murphy, the wonderful Parker Posey and more!
Wooooo also boasts an impressive team of contributors: Ryan McGinley, Chris Nieratko, Jason Nocito, Brigitte Lacombe, Tim Barber, Alain Levitt, Sam Buffa, Max Fargo, Gary Sandwiches and many more. Wooooo has a %100 pick up rate, and a print run of 5,000 issues is gone in two to three weeks.
Wooooo is preordered internationally and distributed to: Colette in Paris, DPMHI in London and Welcome to Alphaville in Melbourne, Australia. Of course Wooooo can be found all over down town New York in places like aNYthing, I HEART, Nom de Guerre, Autumn Skateboards, Earnest Cut and Sewn, Freeman’s Sporting Club, Lovely Day; and in Los Angeles at Choke Motorcycle Shop and Ooga Booga. Wooooo also makes it’s way to Tokyo but no one knows how. Wooooo is exceptionally rad! But don’t take our word for it!
Here’s what the experts say: “Arguably one of the finest and funniest interview mags around!” -Lowdown Magazine. “Crude, honest and laced with stomach-crunching humor. Wooooo is an interview mag with a difference.” -I.D. Magazine “Falling somewhere around the crossroads of Vice and Interview, Wooooo is already getting big-name attention” -coolhunting.com “…Plenty of sang-froid impudence per page, thanks to the breathtakingly audacious rhetoric and punk dada design.” -Grafik Magazine “Hilarious!” -V Magazine.


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