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A Moment Below

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詳細 2011年4月12日 17:14更新

Rock / Metal / Indie

A Moment Below

Its well known that there are places in this world where something magic is happening, whether it be that one song entering your ears for the first time, the discovery of buried treasure and a connection to our complex and fascinating story, or a very modern romance with another person or chemical. In those brief glimpses into time and other lives, we disappear. We become something entirely different. It is our sincere belief that sometimes there are things bigger than simply a song trying to navigate the very dark waters of the music industry. There are things bigger than five boys in a van trying to keep their hands clean in a very dirty trade. Most of all, there are things bigger than labels, genres, popularity, money, fame, sex, drugs, and even rock and roll. The name comes from something bigger, a reminder of sorts, for all of us, an explanation, and a comfort in the middle of a storm of competitive bands, dishonest businessmen, crossed fingers, and smiles through clenched teeth. We remind ourselves that a moment below the radar is all it takes to find clarity. A moment below the surface is all it takes to find quiet. A moment below a huge sky full of stars is all it takes to remind us of how small we really are and to remember how lucky we are to do this. It is a dirty trade, and there are sharks circling all around, but we love what we do and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else except on stage, in the studio, outside of shows, in our van driving to the next city, in our rehearsal studio practicing, hanging out with our friends and hearing their amazing bands, sleeping on floors and trying to find food in the middle of nowhere. This is our life and we love every minute of it, sometimes it just takes a moment below to understand it.


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