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Academic Writing

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詳細 2011年1月4日 21:56更新

This community is for writing essay in English and recruits following person.

person who would like to improve your command of English.
person who would like to write essay and diary in English.

↓ My Favorite Dictionary. Please click!

http://www.alc.co.jp/ (SPACE ALC Dictionary)


※ If you would like to join this community, please send message to me in English. (NOT JAPANESE!!!)

And, when you write message for participation, please answer the following question. This question is easy practice for English essay.

(Question 1) : Why do you want to join this community?

(Question 2) : If you know how to improve your command of English, please tell me.


Comment from the sub-master:
Hi, I'm Bekkou and am sub-master of this community.
First, to Mr. Hachiroku, thank your for your realizing this community.
I very appreciate this community we can improve our English writing techniques, discuss our opinions and make our relationships deeper.

Now, I introduce the goal of this community.
That is, not only improving writing skills in English (especially grammar), but also establishing the concrete ways of thinking.

I heard that Japanese people are not good at speaking in English.
That’s why?
In the conversation in English, we have to tell a specific reason to support our opinion to listener.

For example, the conversation in English expands like as following:
A: “I like a hamburger.”
B: “Why?”
A: “Because, it is inexpensive, easy to buy, and taste of beef is very good.
B: “Oh, I see.”

In contrast, the conversation in Japanese expands like as following:
A: “I like a hamburger.”
B: “I see.”

Now we know that in the Japanese conversation, in many cases, Japanese people have not to add the explanation or reason to the topic.
Such conversation style is called “nonverbal conversation”, that means we always sense speaker’s intention, and that is the Japanese culture.

When Japanese people are told by people in United States, Japanese people are puzzled because they'll ask Japanese to add more explanation.
From this reason, Japanese people are not good at English conversation.

This is a serious situation.
We have to change our style to converse with people in United States.

Above such backgrounds, I and Mr. Hachiroku created this community to achieve this goal: “Improve Writing Skills in English, and Establish Concrete Opinions”.
I hope the all of member think that here is the precious place.


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