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Colin Blunstone - vocals (born June 24th 1945, Hatfield)
Paul Atkinson - guitar (born March 19th 1946, Cuffley)
Rod Argent - keyboards (born June 14th 1945, St. Albans)
Chris White - bass guitar (born March 7th 1943)
Hugh Grundy - drums (born March 6th 1945 (Winchester)

In spite of limited success in their home country, the Zombies had a magic about them which ensures that they are still remembered.
The group was formed by Argent, Grundy and Atkinson at St. Albans School in 1963, and White and Blunstone joined a little later. They received a boost when they won a beat group competition held by the London Evening News, which led to them signing a recording contract with Decca Records. The press pounced on the fact that between them they boasted fifty "O" Levels, and some ludicrous publicity resulted, but their first record "She's Not There", written by Rod Argent, made No. 12. It did even better in the United States where it reached No. 2.
In early '65 they released another classic of the era, "Tell Her No". Although it didn't make the top 40 at home, the song was their second American top 10 success.
There was an undeniable subtlety and restraint about their music which seemed partly to confirm this early image as "the thinking man's pop group". Possibly this tag told against them, but whatever the reason they never quite hit the heights in Britain that their talent deserved.. In the USA they fared better, and so they concentrated on working there.
They split in 1967. The Zombies biggest success in America came in 1969, two years after they had broken up, when "Time Of The Season" became a posthumous hit for them.


discography :
"BEGIN HERE" {UK first album}(December 1964[?]): Roadrunner, Summertime, I Can't Make Up My Mind, The Way I Feel Inside, Work'n Play, You Really Got A Hold On Me, She's Not There, Sticks And Stones, Can't Nobody Love You, Woman, I Don't Want To Know, I Remember When I Loved Her, What More Can I Do, I Got My Mojo Working

"THE ZOMBIES" {US first album}(Parrot Records, January, 1965): She's Not There, Summertime, It's Alright With Me, You've Really Got A Hold On Me, Sometimes, I Don't Want To Know, I've Got My Mojo Working, Woman, Tell Her No, Work 'n' Play, Can't Nobody Love You, What More Can I Do

"BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING" - An Original Soundtrack Recording, (RCA, 1965): Tracks by the Zombies: Nothing's Changed, Just Out of Reach, Remember You.

"ODESSEY AND ORACLE" (Columbia Records, July, 1968): Care of Cell 44, A Rose For Emily, Maybe After He's Gone, Beechwood Park, Brief Candles, Hung Up On A Dream, Changes, I Want Her She Wants Me, This Will Be Our Year, Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914), Friends of Mine, Time Of The Season

"NEW WORLD" (1991, JSE Records [issued by Castle Communications], not released in the U.S.) :New World (My America), Love Breaks Down, I Can't Be Wrong, Lula Lula, Heaven's Gate, Time Of The Season, Moonday Morning Dance, Blue, Nights On Fire, Losing You, Alone In Paradise, Knowing You, Love Conquers All Personnel on this album: Colin Blunstone (vocals), Chris White (Bass/vocals), Hugh Grundy (drums), Sebastian Santa-Maria (Keyboards, guitar and vocals), and a guest appearance by Paul Atkinson (guitar). Rod Argent does not appear except on the remake of "Time of the Season." There is, apparently a version of this album licensed by Carrere Records, too, that is lacking two tracks, "Love Breaks Down," and "Love Conquers All."

my favorite band of all time...



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