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Curse Of Atlantis

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詳細 2015年2月15日 09:27更新

Death Metal / Hardcore / Metal



COTT RUDD | Vocals

+ About COA

We are Curse Of Atlantis from the sunny land of Teesside!

We are here to bring you our sound. Nothing else, just us and instruments :]. And to put on shit hot live shows for you guys!.
We make music with influences of everything but mainly Metal/Hardcore.
Throw Death Metal, Hardcore and Metalcore in a three way match and you get something a little like us.

Spread the word of Curse Of Atlantis!
If you don't your scared that Quillan's ActionMan will come knife you during your sleep! :] x

+ Booking

To book us for a show please include the following:

Name of City and Area.

Name and Address of Venue

Date & Times
Date and day of the week of gig + load in and play times

Line-Up Who else is playing and what position are we on the bill?

Message this Myspace account and we will negotiate a fee based on travel costs.

+ Reviews

"Curse Of Atlantis hail from Teesside.
Playing a well polished professional sound of Metal with
elements of Hardcore and Death Metal thrown in,
these guys are a pit kids wet dream with mosh beats a plenty.
An upcoming tour of Europe with The Archetpye Falls,
as well as shows with the likes of The Casino Brawl, Postmortem Promises and Abel Is Dying,
makes sure Curse Of Atlantis are set to develop a hardcore fan base.
Don’t get in their way!" - Before Sunrise Promotions

'We where browsing the wonderful world of myspace yesterday when we found these guys.
And we just had to get in touch with them, so long story short 4 or 5 messages later and they argreed to let us review them.
At the present time they only have two tracks on there myspace, hopfully a EP will been in the works sometime soon so we can review that too. Well we hope anyways .
When we came on to there myspace we didnt know what to expect from these guys.
But i wish i did, keep your headphones on low if you like your hearing how it is.
Over The Battle Field: This is a song that could quite easily take your face off! you click play and are blasted by a such a high pitched scream an awsome riff and drums going like crazy! The pig squealing beings and then the growls and you know you in for some heavy stuff from this band and you know it wont be bad. Through out the track it keeps the same, time to kick some ass feel. Untill the breakdown kicks in so heavy and perfect you couldnt ask it too sound better with ” OH! ….. We Will Fight! ” this song has everything you could have asked for and more. They end this track with a nice little solo, over all this is a great song one i will be putting on again!
Maby not so loud at 8am again.
Apathy: This song breaks in with a “THIS IS WAR!” and then the riff starts and your bass starts the thud from the sound of the drums. The screaming starts and your feet start tapping to the beat.
The short breakdowns from this band is something we love here and this song just proves what this band is about! raw talent at its best. The song follows with the same great feel it had from the start… and just when you think its all over you hear ” Its Your Time!, Its Your Time! ” They end Heavy,Loud And Fast! just the way it should be.
If Your on myspace today this is one band albumfreak says is a must!
If You love music that could melt your face then this is the band for you. keep an eye out for these guys ! There going places' ...AlbumFreak.com


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