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Cosmopolitan / 世界人

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“[H]is cosmopolitan benevolence impartially extended to all races and to all creeds"- T.B. Macaulay

“[W]ants to be one civilization ahead of this one”- D. DeLillo

”[O]ne of the most widespread of all butterflies, found on every continent”-Wikipedia

The three above description of cosmopolitan, cosmopoli or cosmopolite sums up the sprits of this community. We are a community of cosmopolitans. We believe that the future of human race lies in realizing common interest we share and overcome our hopeless enmity.

We aim to also provide a home to these cosmopolitan who calls nowhere and everywhere home; Who pledge loyalty to no country, but impartially to all countries; and whose only intolerance is to intolerance it self.

Sounds to utopian to be practical? We argue not. If a utopian dream, are peace, happiness and longer life, than at the very least many of us in the developed world is living in utopia. Considering we now live almost two times longer than Europeans one hundred years ago; considering more than fifty years of peace between formal nemeses like France and Germany and considering quality of life unimaginable by our grandfathers are now available to many. Now the challenge is to invite more people to joint this utopia.

So you ask what do we do in this community?

Well, first we debate and communicate problems we face in this world and ideas to solve it. Hey, but that doesn’t make any difference. No, it does, because all changes starts with an idea. Let us give you an example: Democracy starts as an idea, now its spread all over the world with many talking about it and some doing it. Don’t underestimate the power of an idea. For us in the age of globalization ideas spread fast! It only took 50 years to topple the Soviet Union with the power of democratic ideal.

So now you are convinced and ready to contribute ideas or may you are not and you want to tell us how wrong we are, either way you are welcome to join.

Feel free to start topics and post. English is the preferred language for topics and pot for it is the most widespread, all other language is welcome, nonetheless. Curse language is only acceptable when it is necessary to convert ones feeling.

Global Standard – a blog about current issues that might interest a cosmopolitan

For new Comers – feel free to introduce yourself

If you are still looking for the Cosmopolitan magazine community click below


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