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Brian Friedman

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アメリカの人気番組So You Think You Can Danceにゲスト審査員&コリオグラファーとして出ていたBrian Friedmanのファンの人exclamation ×2

揺れるハート彼の出しているブランドB Freeが好きな人

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Brian Friedman

A quick note to all of my fans.... As many of you may have read, I will be switching roles on The X Factor. This role switch was my decision, and it was not because I felt uncomfortable judging. I enjoy judging so much, but I didn't feel I was fulfilling my duties as an artistic person. I brought this to Simon Cowell's attention, and he offered me the Creative Director position. I will oversee all of the acts from Boot Camp till the Finale. Area's including; stage direction, choreography, wardrobe styling, hair, make-up, and lighting. I couldn't be more thrilled to take on this role. It will be on camera so don't think for one second that I will not be seen. It will be a great addition for myself, and the show. To set the record straight, I had great chemistry with the judges, and I still will. I am really looking forward to working with Louis Walsh as well. See you soon! B Brian Friedman... Entrepreneur, artist and trendsetter, Brian Friedman is one of today’s hottest directors for today’s most popular concert tours, music videos, commercials, and film. His moves and style are beyond grand, graceful, and captivating, which makes him a true original in his field. Friedman has choreographed some of the most popular and groundbreaking music videos and performances such as Britney Spears “Toxic” and “Slave 4 U”, “My Love Is Like Wo” by Mya, “The One” by PRINCE, *NSYNCs “Dirty Pop”, and many more for such artist as Beyonce, Usher, Pink, Brittany Murphy, Hilary Duff, and Christina Milian. As a dancer, his silver screen credits include both “Charlie’s Angels” and “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, “You Got Served”, “She’s All that”, “Austin Powers Gold Member”, “Uptown Girls”, and more. Friedman has also choreographed for countless television shows including Will & Grace, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, David Letterman, The Ellen Show, Oprah, That 70’s Show, MTV VMA’s, VH1 DIVAS LIVE, and Billboard Music Awards. Friedman's dance training began at 11 in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, he soon starred in “Newsies”, and “Kids Incorporated”, and owned his own dance studio before he was 16. As a young dancer, Friedman worked with such artists as Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Celine Dion, Melissa Etheridge, Salt N Pepa, and Patti LaBelle. Friedman has been nominated for 4 MTV Video Music Awards, 2 Music Video Production Awards and 5 American Choreography Awards. This young innovator created “FREESTYLE”, an interactive instructional dance DVD teaching audiences original choreography from the moves that made him famous. He also tours around the world mentoring thousands of students and teaching his own dance technique. Recently Friedman entered millions of homes as a judge and choreographer of the FOX hit show “So You Think You Can Dance?” This TV season, he can be seen overseas, starring in Simon Cowell’s hit UK show, “Grease Is the Word”. Next up is London's "The X Factor". Cowell has created a brand new on camera position just for Brian as Creative Director. He will direct al aspects of the 12 acts. He is thrilled to rejuvenate this show. This young trendsetter premiered his new shoe, The BFree Elite by Frontline. This is the first shoe in his line, available in Capezio stores and online at http://www.frontlinedance.com. More shoes and his clothing line will be coming soon. Friedman resides in Los Angeles with 2 dogs, and 2 parrots. In his spare time, Friedman enjoys the gym, traveling, movies, and hiking with his dogs Lion & Mika. http://www.brianfriedmanFREESTYLE.com


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