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SuspenceCrew from? BittaBlood

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^^Shat Money Entertainments^^
sole purpose is to bring talented entertainers to the forefront, while giving them a platform to show case their talents. New music, fashion, and technology are also part of our focus, with the intension to please our fans and accumulate more in the process.〜〜SHAT MONEY BABY!〜〜

Shat Money ent...メンバー!!!
Bitta Blood, Noze, G-Ray, Shema, Levelz, Empire, Fatta, Dubs, Mr. Bonner and Iya Level!

TUNE IN TO SHAT MONEY RADIO ON HYPE RADIO 95.1 FM EACH & EVERY THURSDAY 4PM-6PM (us time) http://www.hyperadiofm.com/ # TO CALL 718-989-4107 FOR BIG UPS & SHOUT OUTS! http://www.zshare.net/audio/31287186ac638f/--sample mp3
[[~Bitta Blood~]]
〜dis one is 4 da ladieeeeeeees, my babies〜
*Shatmoney money money money money......!! 
*nuh Merci...........。

去年のりに乗っていたBusySignalを DissingしたTuneを皮切りに・・・・・。
現在(BlackHartCrew)いわく NY在住の ダンサー?兼アーティスト・・・全く人気のない!!SuspenceCrew & BittaBloodの情報交換 New情報紹介のコミュニティー。

2007.01? 02?ぐらいにリリースして 今現在もスマッシュHITしている[Dem A Gansta]
Dem A Gansta....[PV]
これを聞いてはまらない人は いないでしょう??
ただ 全く人気がありません
やっぱり 彼のレコード or CD が日本で買えるようにならなきゃ・・あがってこないのかな??

Bitta Blood - 3 Gunz
Bitta Blood - By Myself(Step Out Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Diss Mi
Bitta Blood - Draw Blood(Red Bull And Guinness Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Gangsta Dance-(Dem A Gansta)
Bitta Blood - Get Busy(Busy Diss)
Bitta Blood - Got This Feeling(Higher Altitude Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Gun Dem Reach(Power Cut Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Gwarn Dance(Villian Riddim)
Bitta Blood - War Cyaan Done(Villian Riddim)
Bitta Blood - If U Diss Badman
Bitta Blood - Just Dance
Bitta Blood - New York Anthem
Bitta Blood - Tink Sey Yu Bad(Giggy Riddim)
Bitta Blood - U Dip(Applause Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Unknown(Deadly Alliance Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Unknown(Torpedo Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Watch Tv(Hello Moto Riddim)
Bitta Blood feat. Coodey - Set Me On Fire (Raging Bull Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Who Own The Dance
Bitta Blood - Just Beat It (Ghost Face Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Come Fi Warr(Dark Again-Rain Stick Riddim)
Bitta Blood - Mi Woulda Rich (OutBurst Riddim)

[Richard Sewell, AKA Bitta Blood was born in Saint Ann Jamaica. He left Jamaica at the tender age of six to form a new life in New York. Although he was surrounded by Hip Hop he still managed to maintain is fascination and love for the dancehall. Capleton was the first real artist Bitta studied until he was introduced to Bounty Killer. His brother gave him the album “My Experience” And Bitta was determined to sound like Bounty. He studied the album back and forth practicing the lyrics, the pattern (Flow), and the deep voice that we have all been accustom to hearing form the “Killer”.

When school was over he and his best friend used to turn headphones in to microphones, just to hear how he would sound on speaker. Bitta attended Theodore Roosevelt high school in is freshman year. He quickly made friends with the older Jamaicans, who used to “chill” on the second floor corner everyday. Bitta had already been writing his own songs, so when it was time to clash the older guys was no match for him. After every clash they would say “bwoy him Blood Bitta” and that’s how he got the name Bitta Blood.

After graduating high school he went to Jamaica to see how far his talent would take him. He made some big links and was interviewed on “hype” T.V. He soon realized he had to finish college and he did not have time or money to travel back and forth. Bitta decided to pursue his career in New York, while hitting the books at the same time.

Today he has under ground hits like “ Lose your mind (Self Produced)”, Dance cyan done (Villain)”, and “You Dip (Applause). He describes is DJ style as being aggressive like Bounty Killer, Lyrical like Biggie, versatile like Beenie Man, and rhymes with speed and word play like Big Pun. He is determined to be Dancehalls king of New York without a doubt. So when you hear “ if is sweet it jus cant be me” or “ mi a di hardest regardless”, you know it New York’s finest, Bitta Blood.]

FOR DUB PLATES & INFO : bittab3553@aol.com 718. 216 -3664

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