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Biker Build-Off

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Discovery Channel Biker Build-Offが好きな方気軽にどうぞるんるん

日本ではなぜかexclamation & question放送されてないので非常に残念ですあせあせ(飛び散る汗)
DVDも日本では購入しにくいのが現状ですexclamation ×2

Biker Build-Offにまだ出演してなぃビルダーなど世界中のバイク・チョッパーなどバイカーには嬉しぃ色んな情報もお届け出来ればと思います電球





Biker Build-Off Interviews etc


Episode Guide(今までの対決一覧)

Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off

ROUND 1: 2002
Billy Lane vs. Roger Bourget
premiere: Sept. 28, 2002

ROUND 2: 2003
Billy Lane vs. Dave Perewitz
premiere: Sept. 1, 2003

Indian Larry vs. Paul Yaffe
premiere: Sept. 1, 2003

Billy Lane vs. Indian Larry
premiere: Sept. 1, 2003

ROUND 3: 2004
Chica vs. Hank Young
premiere: June 21, 2004

Cory Ness vs. Arlen Ness
premiere: June 22, 2004

Russell Mitchell vs. Eddie Trotta
premiere: June 23, 2004

Mitch Bergeron vs. Kendall Johnson
premiere: June 24, 2004

Matt Hotch vs. Joe Martin
premiere: June 27, 2004

Best Bike
premiere: June 27, 2004

ROUND 4: 2005
Jerry Covington vs. Warren Vesely
premiere: Jan. 11, 2005

Joe Martin vs. Shinya Kimura
premiere: Jan. 18, 2005

Jesse Rooke vs. Ron Finch
premiere: Jan. 25, 2005

Russell Mitchell vs. the Detroit Brothers
premiere: Feb. 1, 2005

Indian Larry vs. Mondo
premiere: Feb. 8, 2005

Chica vs. Mike Pugliese
premiere: Feb. 15, 2005

Cory Ness vs. Eric Gorges
premiere: Feb. 22, 2005

Hank Young vs. Cole Foster
premiere: March 1, 2005

Billy Lane vs. Mike Brown
premiere: March 8, 2005

Kendall Johnson vs. Eddie Trotta
premiere: March 15, 2005

Matt Hotch vs. Rick Fairless
premiere: March 22, 2005

Arlen Ness vs. Roland Sands
premiere: March 29, 2005

The Ulimate Chop
premiere: April 3, 2005

Joe Martin vs. Russell Mitchell vs. Scotty Cox
premiere: Sept. 6, 2004

ROUND 5: 2006
Billy Lane vs. Russell Mitchell
premiere: Aug. 7, 2006

Trevelen vs. Scott Long
premiere: Aug. 14, 2006

Mike Metzger vs. Larry Linkogle
premiere: Aug. 21, 2006

Kevin Alsop vs. Ivy Trosclair
premiere: Aug. 28, 2006

Roland Sands vs. Jesse Rooke
premiere: Sept. 4, 2006

El Pitts vs. Harold Ponterelli
premiere: Sept. 11, 2006

Marcus Walz vs. Mike Prugh
premiere: Sept. 18, 2006

Detroit Bros vs. Jason Kangas
premiere: Sept. 25, 2006

Gypsy Charro vs. Kim Suter
premiere: Oct. 2, 2006

Paul Yaffe vs. Dave Perewitz
premiere: Oct. 9, 2006

Craig Whitford vs. Mike Long
premiere: Oct. 16, 2006

Brian Klock vs. Jason Hart
premiere: Oct. 23, 2006

Matt Hotch vs. Roger Goldammer
premiere: Oct. 30, 2006

2007: EPISODES 1 to 6
Hart vs. Hollinger
This episode of BBO pits Gard Hollinger of L.A. County Choprods, Marina del Rey, CA, against Jason Hart of Chop Smiths, Indianapolis, IN. Each artist designs and fabricates a one-of-a-kind, street legal drag bike in just two weeks. Then they meet on Dead Horse Point in Moab, UT to ride to Las Vegas, NV where they go head-to-head drag race for the Biker Build Off trophy.

Trevelen vs. Paul Cox and Keino
Trevelen of Super Co. Customs, Los Angeles, CA, is up against Paul Cox and Keino of the Indian Larry Legacy, Brooklyn, NY, and the fabrication is mad hot in this episode of BBO. Trevelen builds an homage to the Indian Motorcycles of the 40's and Paul and Keino fabricate an old school, totally hand built, elegantly functional, Indian Larry style bike. Trevelen meets Paul and Keino in Monument Valley, AZ to ride 800 miles due south to the Sea of Cortez in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

Chica vs. Barragan
Biker Build-Off veteran Chica of Chica Custom Cycles, Huntington Beach, CA, goes head-to-head with Michael Barragan of Evil Spirit Engineering, Glendale, CA, for the title of the baddest in the land. Chica designs and fabricates a stretched, 60's style, laid back cruiser and Michael, a post industrial, futuristic ghetto sled. The two artists meet in Ft. Worth, TX and ride side by side to the Lone Star Rally in Galveston where thousands vote for the custom motorcycle they like the best.

Westbury vs. Fuller
Bryan Fuller of Fuller Hot Rods, Atlanta, GA, takes on Greg Westbury of Westbury Handcrafted Motorcycles, Concord, CA, in this episode of BBO. Brian using mostly Buell parts in a frame of his own design fabricates a modern, high back tire racer. While Greg builds a hot rod motorcycle on a frame reminiscent of a vintage Schwinn. The two artists ride side by side ending at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Hartford, CT where the people decide on which bike will take home the trophy.

Norakas vs. Webster
Think a chick can't build a bike? Think again... as Dawn Norakas of Stinger Custom Cycles, Cedar City, UT, takes on Scott Webster of Leroy Thompson Choppers, Mentor, OH. Dawn, who is BBO's second female builder, designs and fabricates an elegant, gleaming, blue and silver, low slung chopper while Scott makes an industrial, hard core homage to "Road Warrior." The two artists meet on a bluff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and ride south through heavy rains to the Easyriders Pomona California Bike Show.

Williams vs. Compton
In this edition of BBO, Andrew Williams of Departure Bike Works, Richmond, VA, goes mano-a-mano with James Compton of Boerne, TX. Andrew builds a Harley based, street legal dragster while James builds a four stacked, Suzuki powered, light weight drag bike dubbed "Crusher II." The two builders meet in Louisiana bayou land to ride to the No Problems Raceway in the heart of Cajun country. There they drag race head-to-head for the BBO trophy.


HARLEY-DAVIDSON・ハーレーダビッドソン・CHOPPER・チョッパー・CUSTOM CYCLE・カスタムサイクル・MOTOR CYCLE・モーターサイクル・BUILDER・ビルダー・EASYRIDERS・イージーライダース・V-Twin


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