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KIVAは2006年のGlobal Social Venture Competitionの受賞者です。


つまりKIVAは個人が途上国の起業家へローンをするPeer To PeerのLendingの仕組みを作りました。



The Kiva Story
Kiva was born out of Matthew and Jessica Flannery's combined professional interests, experiences, and expertise. In spring 2004, the couple spent several months working in rural Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda - Jessica as a staff member with Village Enterprise Fund (VEF), and Matthew as a filmmaker. They were struck by the success of hundreds of small businesses started by VEF, the incredible impact of those businesses on their communities, and the vitality and potential of those businesses' entrepreneurs.

As Jessica conducted impact surveys and wrote case studies about these businesses, and as Matthew recorded the voices and faces of so many extraordinary individuals on film, the couple became more and more passionate about sharing these entrepreneurs' inspirational stories of success with others. In addition, Matthew and Jessica observed a great number of successful entrepreneurs who wanted to expand their existing businesses or start new businesses. Many of these entrepreneurs had well-developed, creative plans for doing so. They were working hard and doing everything right; the only thing standing in their way was a lack of available capital.

One day after returning to the U.S. from Africa, Matthew was talking to Brian Lehnen, VEF's Executive Director, when he heard about a loan VEF had given to a group of rice farmers to buy a truck to deliver their rice to other markets. The farmers were steadily repaying the loan in $50 increments and wiring the money to VEF. That sounded like an interesting and sustainable way to help, and Matthew wanted to get involved. During the same conversation, Brian received a text message from a staff member in rural Uganda. At that moment, the seed for Kiva was planted.

"How can we lend to a rural African entrepreneur?" was the question on the minds of Matthew and Jessica as they began a year of research and exploration. What they found was that there was no specific, high-engagement way to do this. While they knew there were many microfinance institutions lending money to the working poor all over the world, none of them allowed average-income individuals to lend smaller amounts of money to someone else. Matthew and Jessica were aware that philanthropic organizations offering high-engagement child sponsorship opportunities existed, but there was still no way to loan to a specific business person.

Over the next year, Matthew and Jessica visited experts in economics, microfinance, law, technology, and much else. Everyone had a different take on the idea -- many were very skeptical and some instantly loved it. Some claimed the idea might be illegal and others worried about the possibility of loans not being repaid. Still others were excited to help and have contributed hours of time and years of knowledge to make Kiva a reality. With everyone's feedback and many questions still unanswered, Matthew and Jessica decided just to begin.

In March 2005, Kiva began to raise loans for seven businesses in Uganda and enlisted the help of VEF volunteer field coordinator Zadock Moses Onyango to administer the loans. An instant outpouring of support from a small "beta" group of friends and family fulfilled the seven loans within a few days. The businesses began their hard work with the new loan funding and everyone waited to see what would happen.

The extraordinary work of Moses in Uganda brought Kiva to life. His willingness to work tirelessly, his gifts for bringing people together, and his dynamic motivating skills have literally been the most important elements of Kiva's success thus far. Frequent journals have kept lenders informed on everything from the price of a Nile perch to the tax on imported clothing to one woman's struggle to expand her restaurant near a local school. Loans were repaid bit by bit, and money was sent back using PayPal to the original lenders in America.


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