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Poison My Blood

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詳細 2011年11月8日 20:09更新


"so metal we rust in rain"

for fans of Misery Signals, Twelve Tribes, Shai Hulud


Stijn Borgers - Guitar
Wouter L'homme - Vocals
Koen Delanghe - Guitar
Tim Moens - Drums
Tom Verryken - Bass

Kevin 'Curly Godzilla' - Driver/Merchdude
Tim 'Lips' - Roadie/Merchdude
Dieter 'Didi' - Driver
Soggy - UK Driver


The story of Poison My Blood starts in 2005, when some youngsters decided to convert their frustrations into music. The guys all hailed from the town of Landen (Belgium), the home town of Circle, one of the biggest local hardcore bands of that period. Of course this was a major influence for the band, even though you can’t really hear that by listening to their music.

At first, it was more of a leisure project, because there weren’t any actual members, apart from Stijn Borgers (guitar) and Oskar Declippel (singer). That’s why the future of the (at that time still nameless) band was quite uncertain from time to time. But as time went by, the group found a concept, and with that a name. In the meantime, they also found a full-time drummer: Arne Van Den Broeck. But until May 2006 it was quiet around the band.

That’s when Poison My Blood made some serious decisions. Oskar was now in charge of the bass, Wouter L’Homme took over the microphone and Frederik De Roeck was enrolled as second guitar player. After doing a lot of thinking and rehearsing, they decided to take a musical u-turn: their older work – quite typical hardcore – was degraded as boring, and so Poison My Blood decided to play more metal influenced hardcore, their sound will remind you of bands such as Parkway Drive, Unearth, As I Lay Dying. In other words: heavy, ferocious metalcore with frail and melodic structures. With this line-up they recorded a 4 song demo EP 'Harito'. In less than a year they sold over 200 copies on shows only! Unfortunately Frederik decided he had to concentrate on other things in his life and left the band. Which caused Koen Delanghe to join the band and making Poison My Blood even stronger with his amazing lead-guitar work. With these changes, the band got more positive comments and shows, being an extra stimulus for the quintet to rock like hell.

You can tell that by their shows. Poison My Blood is a band full of ambition and motivation, resulting in steaming and energetic shows. No matter the location, circumstances or whatever: Poison My Blood will go to the fullest. The band is their way to escape from everyday life and do something they will put their heart and soul in, this results in a very charismatic live show.


参加メンバー 23人