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The Ballet

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詳細 2009年12月7日 17:25更新

New York、Bronx出身のGreg, Craig, Marina, Gingerからなるインディーポップバンド。


現在The Balletの音源はiTunesかネットでのみ購入可能。

Barcelona, hollAnd, Matt Pond PA, Guther, La Pieta, The New Year, The Fairways, Postal Serviceあたりが好きな人は気にいるんじゃないでしょうか。

:::biography::: (thepirateship.orgより)

The Ballet have been playing music together since the summer of 2005. Greg and Craig met a few years earlier after sitting next to each other during the first week of class in graduate school. Craig went over to Greg's house in the Bronx to study, and instead they formed a band (The Mean Corner) with an art history student who played the drums. Some time after The Mean Corner had wrapped up, Greg found Marina sitting in a corner at a birthday party. They got to chatting and Greg learned that Marina had played the guitar with La Pequena Suiza back in her native Spain. She was recruited and that was that.

They were all very excited when, after hearing some works-in-progress, Ginger inquired about joining the band. They knew Ginger from being in the life, and were excited to work with her having enjoyed her many artistic and musical ventures.

Drawing inspiration from old pop records, one-hit-wonders, TV jingles, and internet porn, The Ballet strive to make lovely, easy-going pop songs that express heartfelt sentiments, addressing themes of obsession, humiliation, solidarity, fantasy, secrecy, online dating, and having fun with your gay friends. They hope for casual queer elegance in every element of their work -- from homemade CD's in silk-screened envelopes to live shows, which have the touch & feel of hanging out with friends on a rooftop or in the kitchen and putting on some favorite songs for an impromptu dance party over whisky and lemonade.

In addition to making music, The Ballet's other loves include riding bikes to shows, LTTR, radical queers and trans liberation, textiles, Sean Cody, Michel Foucault, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, silk-screening, taking classes, talking smack, teasing Greg, drinking tea together, talking about food, and making new friends at the merch table.




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