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Rogers' Taxi

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詳細 2008年1月16日 14:42更新

E-MAIL: rogers_winter_taxi@yahoo.com

Hey guys. It's almost Christmas vacation, and i know most of you will be going back to Japan for the holiday.

i have heard that ISS shuttle busses suck, so i wanna offer you guys an alternative.

i will be doing my own "taxi" to the Huntsville airport this winter to take anybody who needs a ride. Of course there are some times i cannot give rides because of my final exams, but during the times i am free, i am willing to take anybody to Huntsville (regardless of if i know you or not)

If you want a ride to the airport, send me an e-mail with the following:
-Day of flight
-Time of flight
-Time you want to leave UNA
-How many bags you have
-Best place for me to pick you up

**i cannot promise everyone a ride. This is a "first come, first serve" thing. If more than one person needs a ride, the person who emailed me first will have first priority**

Bags included, i can probably take 4 people at a time. If someone has a huge suitcase or many bags, maybe i can only fit 3 people. Or if everyone only takes a little stuff with them, i can probably take 5 people.

i really really really hate it that ISS's service is so bad, and i want to help you guys get to Huntsville fast, cheap, and conveniently. But driving to Huntsville will eat my gas pretty fast, so the only money i will ask you for will be money to pay for my gas ($15-$20 per person).

i am available ANYTIME i do not have exams, including the early AM. i am not afraid to do a 3 or 4am drive to the airport^^.

Finally, i will also be available for picking you guys up in January when you come back from Japan, so if you are interested in that, you can also email me about it.

i'm looking forward to driving you guys! Have a great winter vacation and eat lots of yummy Japanese food!^^

E-MAIL: rogers_winter_taxi@yahoo.com


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