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The Black Wallstreet Fans

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詳細 2010年1月30日 16:32更新

Originally founded by Phat Rat and Big Face 100 as an independent record label, "the Black Wallstreet" now continues to seek its influence beyond the realm of music.

The name "the Black Wallstreet" was coined from "Black Wallstreet" located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of the richest and most successful all-black neighborhoods in American history. On June 1st, 1921, the community was bombed from the air and burned to the ground. Black Wallstreet was destroyed and then effaced from the history completely.

In order to preserve the legacy and inspiration, Phat Rat came up with the idea of the revival of "Black Wallstreet". With financial support from Big Face 100, the organization came into operation in Compton, California in 2002. The initial aim of the movement was the improvement of the social and economical structures in the urban communities like Compton through popular culture, such as music, fashion, and movies. Since its launch, the movement has contributed to numerous positive things, such as intervention in gang wars. However, most notably, the success of the organization can be seen in the rise of the one and only Westcoast super star, The Game, who used to be one of those victims of "Ghetto".

Now, with the movement expanding not only throughout the SouthCentral areas, but also to the Eastcoast, it is a matter of time that it reaches the global recognition. Therefore, envisioning the bright future of "the Black Wallstreet" movement, Doughboy has decided to work as an ambassador for the expansion of the movement in Japan, another center of hip hop culture apart from the U.S. He hopes that this vision of "the Black Wallstreet Far East Division" will ultimately bring about more opportunities for the Japanese artists to work with American mainstream counterparts and to understand different cultures more deeply.


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