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sell yourself!! なんつって。。。


Another Victim was at the forefront of the burgeoning vegan straight-edge-oriented hardcore movement of the late '90s.

Hailing from the same Syracuse, NY, hometown of genre standard bearers, friends, and supporters Earth Crisis, Another Victim's lyrics attacked drug and animal abuse, pornography, and racism as savagely as their brutal hardcore/metal-oriented music attacked listeners. The band formed in 1997 with Anderson Bradshaw on vocals, Jonathan Dennison on guitar, Jamie Coyle on drums, and bassist Ted Alexander.

They released an EP called "A Portrayal Of Vengeance" through Stillborn Records that same year. Jonathan Buske joined Another Victim as second guitar player after the record's release, with former Path of Resistance/Earth Crisis skinbasher Mike Riccardi replacing Coyle. Former Beta Minus Mechanic member Jason DeRose was the next addition, filling in the bass slot left vacant by Alexander.

Another Victim toured the East Coast shortly before this change, and soon after signed a deal with Equal Vision. In 1998, the band released a well-received EP called "Apocalypse Now", which garnered rave reviews in the U.S. metal press and abroad with its slightly Sepultura-infused vibe.

Riccardi left the band with Beta Minus Mechanic's Tony Tornabene replacing him. The first two songs written with Tornabene in the band were recorded and released on a compilation on Watermark Records called Syracuse Hardcore 1998-1999. Tours with Earth Crisis, Vision of Disorder, One King Down, Turmoil, and others followed, with Mike Lazore then joining as a "permanent" bass player.

In March of 1999, the band released a split EP with Shai Hulud through Trustkill called "A Whole New Level of Sickness". Another Victim decided to disband shortly after, making Hellfest of 1999 their "final" performance.

In October of 2000, they decided to regroup, with former One King Down drummer Derrick VanWie joining the fold and Buske moving to bass. As a four-piece, they recorded a demo called "For the Liars and the Cheaters", then disbanded again after a few shows. Hellfest 2001 was their final show.

Members went on to play in Santa Sangre, The Promise and Freya and are currently playing in Terror, Path Of Resistance, Unholy, When Tigers Fight, Rag Men and It's Alive.


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