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詳細 2012年2月19日 23:29更新

Death In December

Kennewick, Washington [U.S]





Vocals - Ryan Oliveira
Guitar - Nelly Garberg
Guitar- Ricky Coronado
Bass - Sean Jones
keys - Timaree Vezina

[About Death in December]

Tragedy, passion and hope are just a few of the many themes that drive the five heart filled members of Death In December. For the past six years blood, sweat and tears were spilled into every song in hope to create a Revolution Like No Other. With honest, straightforward lyrics, driving guitars and catchy anthemic sing alongs the Pocatello, ID based band has started a fire in the hearts of thousands. Having influences ranging from The Refused to Dashboard Confessional, Story of the Year to The Used, or even Underoath to Norma Jean; Death In December is bridging the gap between Hard Rock and Pop Punk. Vocalist, Ryan Oliveira's powerful melodic singing and gut wrenching screaming evoke the pain, suffering and love in the emotional lyrics, which represent the true feeling of heartbreak and hope. Being unsigned and hailing out of a small suburban town is no easy task, but after finding theyre sound and three new members D.I.D. is ready to take the world by storm. Already playing Vans Warped Tour, The Extreme Tour, the legendary Whisky A Go Go and with hundreds of bands including The Used, AFI, Story of the Year, Glassjaw, Spoken, Poison the Well, Rancid, NHOI, Mest, Stavesacre, Simple Plan and Thursday is a huge stepping stone for the young band. In November of 2005 the guys took a road trip to record their full length album entitled, "A Beautiful Tragedy," at DML Studios in San Diego, CA. The EP was mixed and mastered by legendary engineer Don Lithgow, who is most known for his success with Blink 182, Finch, Papa Roach, New Found Glory and Fenix TX. Ryan states, "Love is everything to me. I think its the only thing that truly matters. Wether its Love for music, family, friends, God, or a girl. I've felt Love, I've had it and I've lost it. It's a crazy thing it can make you or break you, but you can't give up. At least I know that I won't. I will always cherish the Love that I've had and I'll never forget it. The band is such a great way for me personally to keep halfway "sane" at times. I love the fact that my lyrics will always be on paper. I can always look at that crumpled up page and remember exactly how I felt when I was writing them. I guess that is what this band is all about.......memories. I think I can speak for everyone in the band when I say that we all couldn't make it in this town without each other, it's a cool feeling." As the band gets ready for the road this summer you can guarantee every date will be a fast paced, in your face show. Life is filled with many struggles and downfalls, and if it stabs you in the back, know that you can join Death In December in a Revolution.



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