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NAEC (Gay Only)

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詳細 2008年7月25日 09:43更新

NAEC=Not Another English Community

There are several English communities for gay members, sadly, many of them are not actively comminucating with members.
Some Bilingual communities turned into "Teaching English" communities for some reason and they kinda push native speakers to teach/answer the basic questions, which shouldn't be asked by someone who calls himself a "bilingual". So, I'm making this community with a hope, not to turn into like one of those I wrote above.

This community IS NOT for "beginners who want to find someone to teach/fix their English" or this community isn't going to be used as a "FREE English Lessons".

This community is for the Gay English speakers, bilinguals and multi-linguals who can speak English fluently and those who are able to focus on communicating with other members.

*Beginners who would like to communicate are welcome, but please don't ask any of the members to "fix" your English. Again, this is NOT a English Learning Community.

*For Newbies: Please write something (ie:reasons for joining, what you look for in this community, or some self introduction) to show that you are a "communicator".

*Feel Free to make a topic, but please check to see if your topic had already been covered by an existing topic. If so, please use that topic instead of creating a new one.

***Important Rule***
If you do not write anything for a whole month, without letting me know the exceptional situation (like being busy work schedule/school works, etc), you will be terminated of the membership.
(You can rejoin, once you have a time to contribute a thought or two.)

*Any linkage to English School of Working Holiday programs will be deleted.

*Use of Language other than English is prohibited.

Nice 2 meet U! (Please use this topic for greeting)

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