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Donell Jones

Donell Jones


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■My Heart■
(Track List)
01. In The Hood (Playas Version)
02. Knocks Me Off My Feet
03. No Interruptions
04. Waiting On You
05. I Want You To Know
06. My Heart
07. Yearnin'
08. Wish You Were Here
09. All About You
10. You Should Know
11. Natural Thang
12. Believe In Me
13. In The Hood (Remix)
14. Don't Cry
15. The Only One You Need

L.A. Reid, Daryl Simmons, Mark Sparks,
Kenneth "Kenny Love" Tonge, Darin Whittington,
Donell Jones, Mookie, Edward " Eddie F." Ferrell

■Where I Wanna Be■
(Track List)
01. U Know What's Up
02. Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)
03. Where I Wanna Be
04. Have You Seen Her
05. This Luv
06. All Her Love
07. It's Alright
08. Think About Hurt You
09. He Won't Hurt You
10. Pustin'
11. I Wanna Luv
12. When I Was Down
13. U Know What's Up (Feat. Left Eye)

Edward " Eddie F." Ferrell, Darren Lighty,
Donell Jones, Eric "E-Ballad" Williams,
Wesly "Big Wes" Hogges, Kyle West, Sheldon Goode

■Life Goes On■
(Track List)
01. Still
02. Put Me Down
03. You Know That I Love You
04. Where You Are (Is Where I Wanna Be) (Part 2)
05. Do U Wanna
06. Life Goes On
07. Freakin' U
08. Gotta Get Her (Outta Of My Head)
09. Guilty By Suspicion
10. Don't Leave
11. Come Back
12. I Hope It's You

(1)(3)Jamie Kawkins, Chris Absolam & Richard Smith
(2)(8)Edward "Eddie F." Rerrell & Darren Lighty
(4)(5)(6)(9)(10)(11)(12)Donell Jones